Be one of the DFS players that quits their day job in 2021


Coming in early 2021

Our Mission

Create a platform that can be beneficial to everyone at the expense of no one.

Fantasy Sports and Betting content outlets weren’t designed for an industry where short term success is as binary as it is in ours. Content and content creators are graded on the “What have you done for me lately?” sentiment.

A win yesterday means you have my confidence today, tomorrow and up until you lose. That right there is the problem. There is no incentive mechanism for a sound decision making process that will lead to long term success.

The combination of a financial obligation and blockchain technology will create a transparent, fair and competitive market where everyone is armed with the tools to succeed.

Being tied to the long-term success of the content creators encourages positive collaboration among you and your followers instead of the standard chirping that goes on today.

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“Sports will be the Trojan horse for consumer blockchain adoption.”

Dapper Labs

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“Some [fantasy] players may know more about statistics, rules of the game, which players are injured, effects of weather, and a host of other factors that make them better at picking players — that’s the skill in fantasy sports.”

Anette “Peko” Hosoi – Associate Dean of Engineering at MIT

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“On the basis that their customers love sports betting…DraftKings worked itself into more Robinhood portfolios than practically any other stock over the past month of June.”

Marc Rubinstein

DFS Manifesto (coming soon)

Investor Pitch Deck (coming soon)