Week 10 NFL Best Stacks and Plays


Josh Allen (7900), Emmanuel Sanders (5700)

After last week’s absurd, one in a million outcome against the Jags, we get slightly reduced prices on some high ceiling guys. Allen put up his first stinker in about five weeks, but it surely wasn’t due to the lack of volume. He’s going to try to score in every minute of every drive he’s on the field. He’s thrown no fewer than 42 attempts in the last three weeks and if we get any kind of ownership discount due to last week, I’m all over it. I’m not afraid of blowout risk here due to the fact that it will be largely Josh Allen’s fault. The upside for 35+ DKP is fantastic at under 8000.

My preferred stacking route here is Manny Sanders, who is too cheap for the volume he’s getting in such a high powered offense. He’s had 20 targets in his last three games and has had at least 6 targets in seven of nine games this season. For whatever reason that you don’t want to play Sanders, stacking with Diggs, Knox, and Beasley is fine too and I would prefer them in that order.

Tom Brady (7600), Mike Evans (6900)

If you’re looking at the slate of games as a whole, this should be the first one your eye gravitates towards. It has a massive game total of 51.5 and an implied team total of 30.75 for a not so healthy Buccaneers team. Antonio Brown is out again this week and Godwin is questionable with about a (imo) 55/45 shot of not playing. That leaves us Mike Evans, Tyler Johnson, a couple of ho-hum tight end options, and a few create-a-player receivers. That’s a whole lot of points funnelling through just a few options. If Godwin plays, then becomes a very nice option (obviously) and probably disintegrates any interest I have in the tight ends. If he’s out, everyone I mentioned is a GPP play at worst. You can certainly double stack the Bucs if you like with a Scary Terry runback as well.

Justin Herbert (7300), Keenan Allen (7000), Mike Williams (6600)

Any time you’re a team on this slate and you get the Minnesota defense, you’re stack worthy. With a game total of 53.5 and an implied team total of 28.25, this is a high scoring spot that should be considered. After a couple stinkers against tough defenses that can get to the quarterback, Justin Herbert took the top off the pitiful, wet paper defense of Philadelphia and he gets more of the same this week. Herbert is absolutely the king of volume so far this season with at least 35 attempts every game so far this season. With how close this game projects, I wouldn’t be shocked if Herbert finished much closer to 50 attempts. Stacking him is very, very easy. You can go either of these two wide receivers as they both should have an opportunity to put up 20+ DKP. I prefer Williams this week just due to ownership in a GPP scenario as he has burned the field the past few weeks. But he gets an abysmal secondary where no one can guard him. I would argue that this is my favorite stack of the slate.

Russell Wilson (6700), DK Metcalf (6800), Tyler Lockett (6500)

This is quite an interesting spot that I don’t think will get enough love on the slate. Russell Wilson is back in the fold for the Hawks which should keep this game competitive. Both Wilson and Metcalf are at their cheapest prices getting an injured, pass funnel defense of Green Bay. With Seattle being slight dogs in this game, I expect Russ will have to pass a bit more in a still fairly condensed offense. 6800 is the cheapest Metcalf has been all season long and there isn’t a single soul on this Packer defense that can stop him nor slow him down. I prefer Metcalf to Lockett but both are certainly viable here.

BY POSITION (if not mentioned above):


Pay-Up: McCaffery, Cook, Elliott

Mid-Range: Fournette, Conner, McKissic

Value: D’Ernest, Singletary (if Moss is out), Ingram, Stevenson (if Harris is out)


Pay-Up: Adams, Jefferson, Diontae

Mid-Range: Sutton, Jones Jr, Crowder, Jakobi

Value: Washington


Pay-Up: Pitts

Mid-Range: Fant, Freiermuth, Seals-Jones, Conklin

Value: Everett