We are set to release our ‘Origin Series’ NFT collection.

A total of 1000 unique collectibles that double as your membership card, granting you access to premium content from our creators as well as the member’s discord channel, with more features coming in the future.

The Details

There are a total of 1,000 Player Cards available. Each one will be a fixed cost of .02 ETH (~$60). A unique identifier will be assigned to each in the order they were sold.

(Note: Fifty cards will be withheld from the sale, with some given to the founding team as their player cards and the rest used for giveaways and prizes)

There is no limit on how many one individual may buy.

Once you own a card you have commercial usage rights and may choose to sell it on the open market, just remember that a 2.5% royalty fee will be taken out of every transaction and go to the creators. As an access card, price determination is based on its utility value instead of speculation on scarcity and will fluctuate as such.

All cards are the same for now, at least visually. Metadata will be updated further along once the formation of the DAO happens and roles are established.

We’re not here to sell you on some rare piece of digital art but instead, granting you the power of our community to leverage the shared knowledge in your everyday contests.


Premium Content -Daily written analysis and projections. More detailed content schedule is down below.

Discord – Access to locked channels to talk shop with other members.

Liquidity Provider – Ownership of an ‘Origin Series’ will allow you to be an LP for our upcoming social token launch.


The three content creators are BathrobeDFS, Zawa, and OptimalDFS.

Ownership of a player card grants you lifetime access to premium content.

Premium gated content will start with the beginning of the NFL season.

Player projections, a weekly analysis article and last-minute start/sit live video will all be part of the premium content.


Full liquidation would result in a total of 19 ETH.

We’ve established some goals to hit on our product roadmap for each target sell point.








Straight into the creators’ pockets

5 withheld player cards randomly dropped to members

Formation of rotoDAO

Social token release and liquidity pool initiated

A platform built to allow new creators to onboard

Daily fantasy and sports betting contests implemented into the site

roto takeover