NBA Quick Hits – August 13, 2020

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Quick Analysis

WSH “at” BOS – Noon


Vegas Total:   229.5 – BOS 119.75 – WSH – 109.75

Injuries – WSH:   Matthews – OUT

Injuries – BOS:   Kemba – OUT / Brown – OUT / Tatum – OUT / Hayward – OUT / Theis – OUT / Smart – OUT

Playoff Picture – WSH: Eliminated

Playoff Picture – BOS:  Locked into 3rd Seed.

Quick Hits

  • Boston is resting everyone. Feel free to load up on all their value plays. They are all going to get serious minutes. I would also expect them to rest the backups too and let the 3rd string get extra run. That means going with deep GPP picks. I would have, in order, Javonte Green (3200), Brad Wanamaker (3600), Robert Williams (3400), Grant Williams (3100), Carsen Edwards (3100), Romeo Langford (3100), Semi Ojeleye (3300), and Enes Kanter (3300)
  • Given their normal backup usage I am worried about Wanamaker and Kanter the most out of the cheap Boston dudes.
  • This is probably going to be a super fast game since it’s all backups and kids for Boston. That means you can load up on Washington, too, since there’s no indication they’re resting anyone (though I don’t expect 35 minutes from anyone).
  • Thomas Bryant gets some minutes against Enes Kanter. That’s enough to make him my favorite play on the Wizards. Kanter is that bad defensively
  • Troy Brown has cooled off a bit since that 46.5 DKP game that has pushed his salary all the way up to 6800 (even though he got 21 DKP last game and was 6000). I still expect him to be one of the main shooters here and he could push that 50 DKP again, especially if he’s tasked with doing some ball handling or gets some ancillary stats. 
  • I also love Ish Smith and Jerome Robinson. I know Napier is coming back, but there’s no reason to push him with one game left after an injury. Smith and Robinson should get a bunch of minutes and put up a ton of shots. I expect most of WSH’s usage to be in the hands of these 4 most of the game
  • I still don’t trust Rui Hachimura at that price at all. 
  • Why would you play cheap Wizards when min priced players are going to be running other teams?

SAC “at” LAL – 130pm


Vegas Total:   No Total – No Spread

Injuries – SAC:    Fox – OUT / Holmes – OUT / Bazemore – OUT

Injuries – LAL:   LeBron – PROBABLE / KCP – OUT / Davis – QUESTIONABLE / Rondo – OUT / Caruso – OUT

Playoff Picture – SAC:  Eliminated

Playoff Picture – LAL:   Locked into 1st Seed.

Quick Hits

  • At this point, I assume anyone with a Q tag is going to be out, cause why push it. That means we should see LeBron get extremely limited minutes and Brow will probably not see the floor. 
  • I would also expect LAL to rest their main backups here. Like with Boston, I think the way to pivot on the smaller slates is to take the 3rd string players, not the backups. 
  • So I will be fine with leaving a ton of money on the table here by ignoring LeBron and Kuzma and Waiters and being extremely cautious with anyone older than 30. Unfortunately for the Lakers, most of their dudes are pretty old.
  • That means, on the Lakers, my favorite plays will be, in order, Cook (3400), Horton-Tucker (3000), Howard (3800), McGee (3000), Dudley (3100), Markieff Morris (3200). 
  • On the Kings side, with Fox, Holmes, and Bazemore out and no playoffs to save anyone for, I expect some good usage from the other starters and some decent performances from the backups.
  • That means going heavy on Bogdanovic (6400), Barnes (5100), and Bjelica (5600). I love all 3. 
  • Alex Len got into foul trouble and sucked, leading to Harry Giles finally getting more than 15 minutes in a game. He put up 33.75 DKP. I expect him to do similar things today. Why not let the kid play on the last day instead of Alex fucking Len?
  • Even as a starter, Cory Joseph doesn’t produce that much. So don’t fade him at 4100, but don’t expect 30-40 DKP either.
  • While I don’t trust him with all the other cheap dudes, Jabari Parker has 20+ DKP in 2 straight games.
  • Why play any other cheap dudes when you have stars resting everywhere else?

MIL “at” MEM – 4pm


Vegas Total:   No Total – No Spread

Injuries – MIL:    Wes Matthews – OUT / Giannis – OUT / Bledsoe – PROBABLE / DiVincenzo – PROBABLE / Ilyasova – QUESTIONABLE

Injuries – MEM:   NONE

Playoff Picture – MIL:   Locked into 1st Seed


Quick Hits

DAL “at” PHX – 4pm


Vegas Total:   No Spread – PHX -5.5

Injuries – DAL:    Curry – QUESTIONABLE / DFS – PROBABLE / Porzingis – QUESTIONABLE / Kleber – PROBABLE 

Injuries – PHX:   Cam Johnson – PROBABLE / Baynes – PROBABLE 

Playoff Picture – DAL:   Locked into 7th Seed


Quick Hits

SA “at” UTA – 630pm


Vegas Total:   No Total – No Spread

Injuries – SA:    Forbes – OUT

Injuries – UTA:   Conley – OUT / Donovan – PROBABLE / Gobert – OUT / Mudiay – QUESTIONABLE / Morgan – PROBABLE 


Playoff Picture – UTA:   Locked into 6th Seed

Quick Hits

POR “at” BK – 9pm


Vegas Total:   236.5 – POR 122.75 – BK 113.75

Injuries – POR:    NONE

Injuries – BK:   Chiozza – QUESTIONABLE / Hall – QUESTIONABLE / Crawford – OUT


Playoff Picture – BK:  Locked into 7th Seed

Quick Hits

NO “at” ORL – 9pm


Vegas Total:   No Total – No Spread

Injuries – NO:    Jrue – OUT / Ingram – OUT / Zion – OUT / Hart – QUESTIONABLE

Injuries – ORL:   Fournier – OUT / Gordon – OUT / MCW – OUT / Ross – OUT / Bamba – QUESTIONABLE 

Playoff Picture – NO:  Eliminated

Playoff Picture – ORL:   Locked into 8th Seed.

Quick Hits

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