We’re a platform built by creators, for creators.

Gone are the days of asking for retweets in exchange for lineup tips, needing to pin your Venmo in your discord or spam followers for tips.

The tokenization of content creators allows users to share in the success of their favorite Pro’s, all while using their own knowledge to identify money making opportunities for themselves. Before this, users had no incentive to show support.

Blockchain technology allows for the creation of a fair, competitive, and truly lucrative market with the driving force of it all being your sports knowledge.

If you’re the best, everyone will be forced to notice you. And your community of supporters will come along for the ride. The more value you bring to your community, the more you will be rewarded. All money invested in tokens gets deposited into a DeFi protocol to accrue interest – which is paid out accordingly to creators.

Talk is cheap, but trust is not.

If you interested in being an early creator please email

Roster (2021)


DFS Journalist

Specific Knowledge
Data Journalism
Critical Thinking

Main Skills
NBA, MLB Daily Analysis
Debating Until I Die
Spreading Love

Optimal DFS

DFS Engineer

Specific Knowledge
iOS Development
Software Engineer
Probability Theory

Main Skills
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Technology Growth Hacks
Dataset Aggregation



Specific Knowledge
Lineup Introspection
Content Creation
Historical Data Analysis

Main Skills
Head-to-Head Contests
Managing Oneself